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There has been no company since mid 2009.

What appears below are blasts from the past and are unlikely to ever see any sort of resurrection.

I am retired.

Iggy F Makarevich of IFM ProductionsVoice Overs, Voice Acting

A radio spot for the great Tony Sarno blues band Thunderhawks who did a benefit concert for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Tony had this to say on Facebook...

Tony Sarno
15 hours ago

I would also like to thank Iggy Makarevich for doing an excellent voiceover on the radio spot. He’s great to work with, and he’ll do a wonderful job if you need a voiceover artist.

Here it is with and without the Labatt’s tag at the end.
Final mixes by Tony Sarno.


And on the gig before that, a Joseph Ribkoff internal training piece, my client received this comment (translated from French Canadian) from the end user...

“Oh heavens! This man’s voice is of sublime! Thank you. I am very grateful to be standing if subtracted later.”


Demos and Clips

Commercial demo:


  1. Mostly Ghostly”   0:17

  2. Friendly Planet”   0:16

  3. Nintendo Bubble Tape Big Score”   0:12

  4. Rachel Is Just A Child”   0:16

  5. Nick Jr. Family Magazine”   0:10

  6. Yoga Samadhi”   0:17

            download mp3 1.99MB   00:01:29


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Narration demo:


  1. Abraham Lincoln”   0:18

  2. Opening A Can Of Worms”   0:17

  3. To Review Messages”   0:08

  4. Rocky & Bullwinkle”   0:13

  5. Lt. Porter Farley”   0:19

            download mp3 1.77MB   00:01:17


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and... there’s more.

here’s a new one-liner demo.

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You might like these clips:

client: 1C Publishing’s trailer for the “Men of War” video game’s site demo.
source: José Antonio Mazón
Two of 16 clips ... “Alarm Talk” and “Don't Fire” plus “King's Bounty,” a game audition (00:30)



And here are: an audition at Edge Studio for Mead Products “Five Star Flex” notebook (00:34) and two files for my client J. Walker, Art Director, “Phoenix Insurance” (00:15) and “Escalator shot” (00:15)


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Recordings offered

I’ll gladly help you out with any of the following:

  • Documentaries, audiobooks and other long recordings.
  • Dubbings and voice acting for TV, films, video games, websites.
  • Jingles and songs.
  • Commercials for TV, radio and other short recordings.
  • Phone and voice systems including on-hold messages.

I am in the CT/NYC metro area.

Training + Delivery

I trained at Edge Studio in Fairfield, CT and completed an intensive program. My coach was Tom Filogomo, a talented musician, producer, engineer and voice over expert. I’ve also benefited from David Goldberg’s sharp talent, wisdom and experience.

I will be happy to send you auditions and completed project files in wav, mp3 or aiff via email or ftp; or, although it is probably not possible, record in person at your studio of choice.

Signal Path

My voice will take this path to get to you:  -»  sE pop filter  -»  ElectroVoice RE20 mic  -»  handmade Canare/Neutrik audio cable  -»  Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter CL-1  -»  handmade Canare/Neutrik audio cable  -»  Symetrix 528E channel strip  -»  handmade Canare/Neutrik audio cable  -»  Echo AudioFire2 digital audio interface  -»  a very nice Firewire cable -»  Sony Sound Forge 9  -»  FTP or email.